Calendar of Events and Set List

Set-list for this coming Wednesday! Stars indicate approximate difficulty, and the charts can all be found in the Google Drive folder (link in comments).

First Set:


Prohibition **

Reb Dovidl *

Der Shtiler Bulgar **

A Freylechs Noch Der Khupe *

Der Trisker Rebn's Khosid *

Mayn Tayere Odessa **

Fiselelkh *

Nacht In Gan Eydn **

Di Zun Vet Aruntergeyn (vocal)


Second Set:

Eateleh ***

Wedding Hora **

Branas Hassene ***

Dem Zeydn's Tanz **

Bucoviner Freilach **

Galitzaner Tenzil ***

Nifty's Freylekhs ** (note the spelling... there are two!)

Gleyzele Vayn **

Das Teuriste In Bukowina ** (new)

Sadegur Khosid ***

Flatbush *