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About the Toronto Klezmer Society

The Toronto Klezmer Society was founded in November 2018 with the intention to grow the Klezmer music scene in Toronto and beyond, push the boundaries of the genre while upholding its history and origins, introduce the music to a new audience and share knowledge.  This website is intended to be an archive and resource for anyone who wants to join in the music, or is curious/enthusiastic about Klezmer.  


The Klezmer Society currently meets once a month for our EPIC jams, which are being held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the TRANZAC (292 Brunswick Ave., Toronto)

Charts are also available at the jam for $5 a bundle in C, Bb and  Eb by request only.

Toronto Klezmer Society also presents local and from-elsewhere musicians about 4 times a year, and also offers workshops in-person and online.  

The TKS house band is:

Lorie Wolf - Drums

Martin Van der Ven - Clarinet

Max Forster -Trumpet

Zoe Santo - Violin

Emily Ferrell - Trombone

Ian Tulloch - Sousaphone

With many special guests!

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