Our next jam will be VIRTUAL! 

Hi everyone! I hope you haven't given up on my because I haven't forgotten about you! All I do all day is just THINK ABOUT YOU. Just kidding. Mostly.

So obviously, our next scheduled jam isn't happening (April 1st) so I thought INSTEAD! I could post a set list of, say 4 tunes (two new) and we could get together on Zoom and play them through. What do you say? Same time? 9pm, April first? I'll have some pilsner in the shot, and say, some perogies, and halfway through I can scream about hat passing really loudly (Hi Mischa 😘).


So here are the new songs: Tants Tants Yidelekh (as played by Abe Schwarz)

and Ot Azoi (as played by Kapelye)- both are fairly simple tunes.

and yes, we will be sing the lines "Ot Azoi"

(which means, "That's How It's Done" and "Git Azoi" (Done Well!)


So see you on April 1st?